کمد و کتابخانه اداری

Office Wardrobe

A wardrobe is a standing closet used for storing clothes.

The earliest wardrobe was a chest,

and it was not until some degree of luxury was attained in regal palaces and the castles of powerful nobles that separate accommodation was provided for the apparel of the great.

The name of wardrobe was then given to a room in which the wall-space was filled with closets and lockers,

the drawer being a comparatively modern invention[citation needed].

From these cupboards and lockers the modern wardrobe, with its hanging spaces,

sliding shelves and drawers, evolved slowly.

کمد اداری

کمد و کتابخانه اداری


Throughout the chronological changes in the form of the enclosure,

it more or less retained its preset function as a place to retain a king’s robe.

The word has gained coinage over successive generations as an independent store for among others,

preserving precious items for a ruler like gold, well highlighted in King Edward I‘s times.

It is also a simple patio where clothes are hung from metal bars or tucked inside utility racks running from up to down.

The modern wardrobe differs in one respect from the historical one for its triple partitioning:

there are two linear compartments on either side with shelves as well as a middle space made up of hanging pegs and drawers,

the latter being a latter-day addition, besides a clothes’ press in the higher central space on level with a person’s chest.

کمد اداری ام دی اف

کمد و کتابخانه اداری

کمد اداری ام دی اف

کمد و کتابخانه اداری

کمد اداری ام دی اف

کمد و کتابخانه اداری

کمد اداری ام دی اف

کمد و کتابخانه اداری

کمد اداری ام دی اف

کمد و کتابخانه اداری

کمد اداری ام دی اف

کمد و کتابخانه اداری

کمد اداری ام دی اف

Wardrobe Essentials for Work

wardrobe essentials for workWhat are the best wardrobe essentials for work? What are the building blocks of a great working wardrobe?  

We’ve long noticed, in the course of our regular recommendations for pieces for your working wardrobe,

that there are “greatest hits” — dresses and skirts and other basics that are highly rated, reappear year after year,

and seem to work for a ton of different sizes and shapes.

We’ve collected some in our Workwear Hall of Fame — but a lot of them appear in our regular Hunt roundups, where we’re hunting for a workwear basic in a range of prices. But if you happen to be building a work wardrobe for a new job (or a change of job),

these “greatest hits” would be a great place to start building your working wardrobe — because they’re wardrobe essentials for work.

 (Psst: we’ve also started a series for people who prefer to make many purchases at one store, such as how to build a work wardrobe at Nordstrom, or

 how to build a work wardrobe at Boden.) Stay tuned for our guide to affordable work wardrobe essentials on a budget! Note that this page is a great accompaniment to our work outfit challenge with four weeks of work outfit ideas — we designed it for use with basics like these.

Workwear Essentials for a Conservative Office

You can wear almost everything on this list to every kind of office — but our specialty here at Corporette has always been in what to wear to conservative,

corporate offices like those at law firms, banks, and consulting agencies.

If you’re moving to a more business casual office,

check out our advice on how to adapt a conservative style for a business casual office — and please stay tuned for our guide to business casual.

Wardrobe Essentials for Work: Classic Pumps

A classic pump is a great way to get a sleek, professional look with a lot of different outfits.

Colorwise, you can do a lot with black and gray — but I’ve always loved a purple pump for versatility,

or a nude-for-you heel to make it look like your legs go for miles (with or without pantyhose or tights).

Some of the best-selling pumps that are great first bets if you’re on the hunt include these classics: