Space Plus is internationally known for affordable, high-quality interior glass doors for office spaces.

 Commercial officeshospitals, educational institutionsgovernment offices,

banks, and a wide range of outfits from industrial space to cool start-ups enhance workspace functionality by incorporating our wide range of modern interior glass door products.

Quality Interior Glass Doors Made In-House

We are proud to make modern room dividers and high quality interior glass doors in our own factory where safety and quality are fabricated into every single door panel.

The variety of glass types, frame finishes and accessories provide our clients with simple,

functional and stylish choices to suit their specific project needs.

Allowing natural light to come in while stopping unwanted foot traffic in private work areas easily boosts morale and productivity.

By making our interior glass doors on-site, we are able to have full quality control ensuring each glass door is designed to engage and emit the light at the right levels.

Easy Office Master Keyed Systems

Our interior glass doors solve the need to have each office master keyed, or keyed alike.

Space Plus products individually speak volume for building developers, property managers and company owners, not to mention that our interior glass door solutions can be master keyed to the store front too!


“Flexible work spaces certainly have arrived!”

Get the perfect balance between open collaborative spaces and closed areas where team members can create and innovate due to the freedom to customize flow and layout with high-end interior glass doors and office partitions for offices and business centers.

Our transformative work spaces are crafted from the highest quality glass and aluminum and are fully recyclable,

perfect for green construction. Glass walls and partitions allow for natural light and easy customization to optimize functionality.

Stacking glass doors open up a floor plan in seconds and easily slide closed to lock when desired.

Interior glass doors promote flexibility and play a huge role in re-purposing space on the fly.

A consultation room for example can be transformed into a conference room in moments.

Sliding doors, swing doors and glass walls cater to client’s needs and enhance the usability of the space.

Glass enclosures and conference rooms bolster heightened creativity.

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